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The Take Home Message

The Patient Goals at the Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer Center: 1. Educate Men on Prostate Health 2. Lower your PSA 3. Lower your EPS 4. Eliminate the Need for Useless Prostate Biopsies 5. Eliminate the Need for BPH Surgery 6. Lower Your Risk for Impotency 7. Lower Your Risk for Incontinence 8. Lower Your Risk for Prostate Cancer 9. Enhance Your Immune System 10. Manage Prostate Cancer Treatment Failures Effectively 11. Eliminate Prostatitis 12. Eliminate the Signs and Symptoms of the Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS)


Men with High Grade Pin (Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia)

Presently, I have eight men with high grade Pin on the PEENUTS formula. None of these men have had a rise in their PSA and all are improving from Prostatitis. This data extends beyond two years with an age range of 52 years to 76 years. This data is in stark contrast to the USC Study where men with high grade Pin were placed on Proscar and actually progressed to Prostate Cancer. Obviously, further study is needed in this very important area of patient risk.


Patients on the PEENUTS formula can avoid Prostate Surgery!

Three Men who elected to try the PEENUTS product have avoided the inevitable date with prostate surgery. Patient #1 is a 58 y/o male from Largo, Fl. who was scheduled for prostate surgery (TURP) based upon findings at cystoscopy and a voiding symptom score of 18-19. After only 1 week on the PEENUTS formula his symptom score had improved to 0-1. Needless to say, he cancelled his surgery. Patient #2 is a 75 y/o male from Denver, Co. who had been scheduled for TURP based on chronic urinary retention. After a consultation with myself, this patient is on PEENUTS and Flomax .4mg/day and has reduced his intermittent caths from 4 to 1 time/day. Given this level of improvement, he had cancelled his surgery. Patient #3 is a 77 y/o male from Durango, Co. who had been on a Prostate Supplement for almost 3 years. Believing that all prostate products are the same, his reward for using this product was an emergency room visit noting the diagnosis of urinary retention. He remained with a catheter indwelling for 2 months while the PEENUTS formula was utilized at 2/day. A cath plug was used to maintain bladder function. Now almost 2 years later, he`s voiding with only mild symptoms (AUA is 5-6), and has seen his psa drop from 10.0 ng/ml to 6.1 ng/ml. Thus Conservative therapy can eliminate the need for prostate Surgery if only we`ll give it a try.


Free Consultations are Offered!

Men who have one or two questions regarding prostatitis, BPH, voiding symptoms, or prostate cancer are encouraged to call the Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer Hotline at 1-970-259-4748 to schedule a consultation. 15 minutes has been reserved/ patient. Men who extend beyond this time frame are encouraged to make a minimum $100.00 donation to the Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer Center for Prostatitis Research. It`s a great cause and patients with health concerns deserve answers to tough questions


A WorldWide Patient Challenge

Men with voiding symptoms are encouraged to try the PEENUTS prostate formula for 6 - 12 months. PEENUTS is expected to lower the PSA, EPS, or voiding symptom score. Patients are asked to follow their progress through their physicians. In the event patients fail to improve one of the three bio-clinical markers in this time frame, I will pledge to donate the dollars that they spent on Prostatitis Research. This pledge will be in the name of the patient. The worst that could happen is that you may avoid a needless surgical procedure. The best that could happen is that you have discovered a healthy alternative to the indignity of prostate surgery. That is, no need for Retrograde Ejaculation, Impotency, Incontinence, and waiting for your prostate to regrow.


PEENUTS reduces the Prostate Size

While we have noticed improvement in the size of the prostate of patients on the PEENUTS product, two patients who have been on PEENUTS for almost 1 year have completed a follow-up ultrasound. Patient #1 noted a decrease in size from 30 grams to 24 grams( a 20% reduction in size) while patient #2 noted a decrease in size from 78 grams to 64 grams( an 18% decrease in size). As is stated by a company much larger than I, size does in fact matter. The smaller the prostate the greater the likelihood that the inside of the prostate won`t elude us. Large prostates can hide cancers commonly.


The CONSUMER REPORT on Prostate Products Proposed

I have a great deal of concern for prostate products(FDA and non-FDA approved) that prove to be of little benefit to a patient`s clinical course. It`s admirable to quote articles that show an individual ingredient`s benefit but this has little bearing on the clinical benefit of a formula. Until formulas are studied based on well established bio-clinical markers, patients will remain confused and be the guinia pigs of trial and error and significant expense. Urologists have been reluctant to endorse or even review complementary prostate products due to a lack of competitive, scientifically motivated studies. Prostate product manufacturers have been asked to donate to meaningful research to demonstrate that nutrition,(through dietary supplements), translates to health benefit. A few companies have submitted a token $10,000.00 to a general fund without specific purpose or outcome. Why haven`t more dollars been raised, you ask? Clearly, few companies want to get involved as it potentially affects their bottom line ...profit. Why put a successful product at risk? Does the word "integrity" come to anyone`s mind as a reason to test a product? Unfortunately, if a particular category product fails to make a difference clinically using objective data, other products promoted by that company may become the focal point of further discussion, investigation, or criticism. Notwithstanding these comments, all products should be evaluated in like manner. I propose a scientifically motivated evaluation of present day products for the prostate. The result of this exercise would produce a "Consumer Report" that ties a product to definable benefit. This should not be a novel concept! I, therefore, propose a challenge to the following companies or products to face the long awaited scrutiny of a higher level. Hopefully, we can secure funding for this all important effort as well as University Medical School interest. The following list of companies and/or products are invited to step forward: Rexall Sundown`s prostate product, The Prostate Formula by Real Health, Prostata by Gero-Vita, Propalmex by Chattem Industries, Provol by Upsher-Smith pharmaceuticals, the prostate product by Nature`s Bounty, Physician`s Choice, Amway`s prostate product, Herbalife`s prostate product, and the Saw Palmetto & Pygeum product by Solaray, and Sawmetto. We can add more products to this list as interest is generated. Presently, PEENUTS is challenging Quanterra Saw Palmetto by Parke-Davis/Warner Lambert and FLOMAX, an alpha blocker by Boehringer Ingleheim. This study proposal may be viewed on this website under Clinical Trials. I look forward to an enthusiastic response. Sincerely, Ronald E. Wheeler, M.D.