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The Ethics of Patient Management

  • We are committed to provide experts in all phases of Prostate Health, Diagnosis, Treatment & Decision Making to allow you, the patient, to remain on the “proverbial cutting edge” of what works in all facets of prostate health.
  • We believe that we must broaden our intellectual horizons if we expect to conquer prostate cancer in your lifetime.
  • We recognize that prostate health is an inseparable part of total health.
  • We recognize the need to remain unbiased as we seek to provide a scientific basis to your healthcare needs enabling improved judgment in your personal prostate care.
  • We believe that prevention of a disease process is far better than treatment of a disease process.
  • We recognize that scientific knowledge and provocative thought will empower the patient with the tools to make the best decision for himself and his family.
  • We believe that all treatments for prostate disease should be safe, clinically effective, cost effective, and associated with minimal or no side effects as well as drug interaction.
  • Complications from any disease treatment favor the most conservative, equally effective treatment possible.
  • All patients are treated with a level of compassion unparalleled in the medical industry.
  • We recognize that as physicians and HealthCare providers, we must first do no harm.
  • We recognize that clinical openness in observation often time provides opportunity to visualize useful benefit where a closed mind cannot see at all.
  • The educated patient will always be our number one source of referrals.
  • We strive, whenever possible, to work with your hometown physicians to maximize your health while minimizing your expenses, emotionally and financially.
  • In this global society, we endorse scientific clinical trials that will benefit patients worldwide.
  • Every treatment provided is uniquely designed to the individual needs and expectations of the patient as we recognize that no two patients are exactly alike.