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A Complete Review of your Medical Records

 A Complete Urologic History & Physical Examination:

bullet An evaluation for possible hernia
bullet An evaluation for possible epididymitis or epididymal cyst formation
bullet An evaluation of the spermatic cord looking for spermatocele or other abnormality
bullet An evaluation for BPH, Prostatitis, Prostate Cancer and Impotency

An American Urologic Symptom Score Assessment 

bullet An assessment of BPH and risk evaluation
bullet An assessment of Prostatitis and risk evaluation
bullet A Complete Urinalysis
bullet Assessment of hydration status
bullet Kidney stone risk analysis and sediment evaluation
bullet Evaluation for pyuria (urine pus)
bullet Evaluation for hematuria (micro and macro red blood cells)
bullet Evaluation for bacteria

A Prostate Digital Rectal Exam Assessment & Comprehensive Prostate Health Check:  

bullet A digital mapping of the peripheral zone with prostate cancer risk analysis
bullet A digital sizing using the conventional 1 4 assessment
bullet An expressed prostatic secretion evaluation using microscopic technology

The EPS analysis utilizing the prostate massage, the diagnostic test for prostatitis, a possible precursor to prostate cancer.

A Prostate Color Doppler Evaluation:

bullet An ultrasound of the prostate, seminal vesicles, and bladder
bullet A complete prostate assessment including blood flow analysis patterns
bullet A complete prostate sizing using the ellipsoid formula (apex, base, and laterally)
bullet Assessment of bladder emptying ability
bullet Prostate cancer risk assessment
bullet Prostatitis risk assessment
bullet An assessment for calcification, cysts and other irregularities

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), Free PSA (PSA II), Ultrasound with Biopsies, Urine Cultures, EPS Cultures, and Immunologic testing will be Offered when Indicated and Charged as an Additional Expense

A Review of all relevant Treatment Options and preparation of a Personalized Treatment Plan, including 
Dietary & Nutrient modifications

 Implementation of Treatment Plan

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