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How does The Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer Center differ from your physician and his/her clinic?  We stand out in the following ways:

bullet We recognize that prostate health starts with a “Healthy Prostate”
bullet We offer effective Non-Surgical BPH treatments
bullet BPH treatment complications favor a Conservative Management Plan
bullet Our diagnostic abilities for prostatitis detection are exceptional
bullet We integrate all appropriate treatment modalities through the use of Worldwide Experts
bullet We utilize Prostate Analysis through in-office [Color Flow Doppler] evaluation; which allows for earlier prostate cancer diagnosis
bullet Our patients require ultrasound less often with fewer biopsies
bullet We utilize an Internationally Recognized Pathology Team
bullet We offer Complementary Prostate Health Remedies, as well as traditional remedies
bullet We recognize that dietary adjustments assist Prostate Health
bullet PSA and “FREE PSA” are utilized regularly
bullet We recognize that a PSA of less than one may be normal; not 0-4 ng/ml
bullet We recognize that 20-30% of all Prostate Cancers are in the 1-4 ng/ml range, primarily
bullet We encourage PSA Testing by Age 40
bullet The lower your PSA, the further from Prostate Cancer you will remain
bullet A PSA Blood Test is recommended at three month intervals in surveillance
bullet Expressed Prostatic Secretion (EPS) analysis is a regular part of our exam
bullet We utilize effective Non-Surgical Prostate Cancer Therapy
bullet We utilize Clinically Proven, Safe Investigational Prostate Cancer therapies when appropriate
bullet We recognize that Prostate Cancer is a Chronic Disease and often should be treated as such
bullet We understand that the treatment for Prostate Cancer should not be worse than the disease
bullet We have fewer Prostate Cancer Therapy Failures
bullet We understand the potential volatility of Prostate Cancer
bullet If you have Prostate Cancer; consider all options; not just the therapy your M.D. performs
bullet We utilize an internationally recognized Cryosurgical Team
bullet We utilize an internationally recognized Brachytherapy Team
bullet We recognize that Impotency & Incontinence are unacceptable side effects of Cancer Therapies
bullet We believe that Prostatitis is a risk factor to Prostate Cancer
bullet We recognize that antibiotics rarely benefit Prostatitis
bullet We offer effective Prostatitis Therapy endorsed by Physicians Worldwide
bullet We believe that Prostatitis is immunologically mediated
bullet We utilize Immune Markers to assess Prostatitis Resolution
bullet We have proven that Voiding Symptoms relate to Prostatitis primarily, not BPH
bullet We realize that Quality of Life issues are as important as diagnostic and treatment decisions
bullet We do not believe that you will die from some other disease first; that is Insurance Talk – take care of your Prostate Health
bullet We believe that a Proactive (Preventative) course is superior to a Reactive Treatment Course; a Proactive Course may change BPH, Prostatitis, and Prostate Cancer forever
bullet Utilization of Intermittent Hormonal Ablation is superior to Continuous Hormone therapy
bullet We employ a Patient Friendly Atmosphere with time allotted to answer all questions
bullet The Patient Treatment Plan is individualized to the specific needs of the patient
bullet We do not use the One Size Fits All Treatment Plan
bullet Following our Evaluation and Treatment Plan you can be followed clinically by your hometown M.D.
bullet Snap treatment decisions for any form of Surgical Therapy for BPH or Prostate Cancer are discouraged
bullet We believe that a well-educated patient will make the best Judgment in his behalf
bullet Your Financial Investment Strategy means little without your Prostate Health
bullet You will probably learn more in one visit with us than you have previously learned
bullet We are accessible Toll Free and are in convenient locations (in your vacation areas)
bullet Patients often participate in Clinical Trials
bullet In the event of Prostate Cancer, Prostate Biopsy may spread the disease, therefore, the risks and benefits should be weighed carefully
bullet The AUA recently made a statement (3/00) that men with a PSA of 4 ng/ml should consider a Prostate Biopsy; we believe that your PSA blood test should never get to 4.
bullet We will never tell you “We do not know what to do” or “We have run out of options”
bullet We believe that treatment failures are unacceptable
bullet We believe that your Immune Status is integral to your Good Health
bullet Our Business is built on your satisfaction
bullet As a Patient, you will become part of our Family and will be treated like Family
bullet We succeed when others fail
bullet The more difficult the case the better your response.
bullet Studies show that early hormone intervention promotes improved quality of life

 ~We recognize that you have choice in a HealthCare provider.  Come feel the difference!~