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Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder is a special psycho-emotional state in which a person may experience feelings of anxiety without certain circumstances. In contrast to the concept of “fear”, this feeling occurs for no apparent reason. Some people with anxiety disorder are helped by this remedy:

Causes of anxiety disorders
When diagnosing specialists are not always able to identify the causes of the occurrence of the disorder. Sometimes anxiety occurs for no apparent reason and irritating factors. But there are basic preconditions:

Stress, such as problems in the family;
somatic diseases;
Taking drugs and strong medications;
An increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air;
Personal preconditions of the person and the characteristics of temperament.
Absolutely all categories of people are at risk. The disorder can occur:

in women;
unemployed people;
people with a hereditary predisposition;
in the elderly;
in a child;
Individuals with somatic chronic illnesses.
A psychotherapist at a clinic appointment can make one of two diagnoses:

Psychoanalytic anxiety disorder with vague symptomatology;
A biological one associated with various abnormalities in the body.
An anxiety disorder is diagnosed in consultation only by a psychiatrist based on symptoms that have been present for 3 weeks or more. The ICD-10 list of symptoms includes:

Tension and emotional anxiety;
mood swings;
sleep problems;
Misunderstandings in relationships with others, conflicts;
acute reactions to what’s going on;
increased sweating;
rapid fatigue;
recurrent pains in different parts of the body;
deficit of positive emotions;
sudden attacks of fear.